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Chopped liver 11.99 lb
Stuffed cabbage 4.25 ec
Giflet fish 4.25 ec
Horse radish (white/red) Sm. 4.00 lg 6.50
Hummus 5.00 lb
Serdar plate 12.00
Potato lakes mini 12 per dozen Joes apple sauce 4.50 per/pt
Babaganush 5.00 lb
Pita chips 3.99
Potted meatball in sweet and sour sauce 9.99 per;lb
Cucumber salad 5.99 per/lb
Rascal house Cole slaw 5.99 per lb

Chicken broth 7.99 at.
Matzo balls (6) 9.00 1.75 ec

Brisket of beef (serves 3 per/lb) 19.00 per/lb Gravy 9.00 per/ qt
Roasted chicken with herbs and lemon or bar aqua 4.99 per/lb
Chicken cutlet plain 12.99 per/lb grilled chicken 12.99 per/lb
Sweetheart turkey breast 12.99 per/lb (serves 3 per/lb) gravy 9.00 qt
Poached salmon with dill dressing 10.50 ec. Basmati rice 2.00

Side dishes
Cumber salad 5.99 per/lb
Rascal house colw slaw 5.99
Israeli salad 7.99 per/lb
Tabolli salad 7.99 per/lb
Spinach soufflé 9.50 Sm 30.00 lg
Whipped potatoes 10.00 per /tray
Garlic string beans 7.99 per/ lb
Roasted veggies 7.99 per/lb
Pickles half and full 7.99 per/qt
Potato kugel 9.50 Sm 30.00 lg
Noodle kugel 9.50 Sm 30.00 lg
Chrosis 7.99 per; lb
Sweet matzo kugel 9.50 Sm 30.00 lg
Box matzo 5.00

Nut Cake with Raspberry Filling $12.00
Sponge Rings with Lemon Filling $14.50
Sponge Roll $12.00
(Choc Fudge, apricot,raspberry)
Fruit Sponge Sheet $16.00/lb
(Sponge cake with lemon filling topped with fresh fruit)
Macaroon Sheet $12.00/lb
(Sponge cake with apricot filling and raspberry apricot jam on top)
Sponge Loaf $8.00
Seven Layer $18.00
9” Key Lime Pie $15.00
Almond (Plain, Chocolate, Half Dipped, Apricot/Raspberry Filled)
Coconut (Plain, Chocolate, Half Dipped)
Sara Barnhart s $24.50/lb
“An Italian Pastry Shop with a Jewish Flare and Now a Little More…”

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Market Price

Deep Dish Potato Kugel Sm $9.50 Lg$30.00
Deep dishNoodle kugel Sm $9.50 Lg $30.00


7” 6 people

Strawberry Shortcake 25
Fudge Layer 25
Macaroon Layer 25
Fruit Sponge Layer 25
We will still have a complete bakery line for those who
want our everyday products.

Thank you everyone and keep safe
We at Enrico’s wish all out patrons a

Zeezum Pasach.

Due to the Coronavirus all orders
must be placed by April 5